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Dyes & Brushes

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  1. Small brush

    Small brush

    bamboo handled brush Learn More
  2. Square brush

    Square brush

    Wooden handled brush Learn More
  3. Indigo powder 100gr

    Indigo powder 100gr

    A 100 gr pack of indigo should be sufficient to create a dye vat which will dye 1kg of dry weight cottons linens wools, silks etc. Learn More
  4. Soda Ash

    Soda Ash

    essential for cotton dyeing Learn More
  5. Indigo 123 pack

    Indigo 123 pack

    Total kit for Indigo dyer using Michel Garcia's 1,2,3 method. Indigo, soda ash and Fructose in correct quantitis, just follow the recipe. 100 gr of indigo in the pack, which will dye up to 1 kg of fibre, this is natural indigo and you can keep your vat operating for months under ideal conditions. comes with instructions, you must use rainwater to mix your vat. Learn More
  6. woad seeds

    woad seeds

    Woad seeds, sorry we can only send to NSW and Victoria Learn More
  7. Fructose 500gram

    Fructose 500gram

    Fructose 500gram bulk 500gr pack as shown Learn More
  8. Fructose 300gr

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